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Quaye – Fake Kickin’

SON GOD Mar 13,2018

QUAYE is a Pittsburgh artist making his way to our pages with a new video that is vibrant and smooth with visual effects done by the infamous, Max Novak. Shot by @totrueice x @billmikepgh everything from the camera angles to the colors are refreshing with the music to compliment. At first listen I immediately liked the track just based off the title. Fake Kickin’ has been a term more often used these days as describing an individual that does not have enough confidence to stand alone and/or reaches out to others for validation while hanging out and doing things they usually wouldn’t be doing. Personality Traits like such could definitely affect the process of any creative and coming from my position, as a videographer and as a product of my environment, I know how people could be. In less words. This shit is dope and you need to watch a young legend spawn into greatness. & For all you folks out there Fake Kickin’… Find new methods.


For new music from Quaye follow him on instagram and on YouTube.


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